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AEGISoft has years of experience in building agile software and assisting teams to deliver solutions with agile qualities : fast time-to-market, low maintenace, high business value.  Our people have hands-on experience applying agile techniques at team, business and organisation level.  We have a high focus on the technical requirements, specialise in finding out what the business actually needs, and helping to organise all of this. 

We have scaled these skills to facilitate large organisations (1000+ people) as well.  We trigger managment styles focused on vision, optimal flow of information and a supporting attitude.  As a side effect highly-motivated, self-organised, empowered teams emerge, building solutions that make the difference. 

We usually don't do this alone and gratefully partner with Co-Learning, Triple-D, Kunlabora, Cegeka's agile in the Core, I-lean, and many ohter high quality teams if we have the opportunity.   

Our Team

Olivier Costa

ICT Leadership coach

ICT can be your most important business enabler.  This requires a tight and flexible approach.  Some might call this 'agile', 'devops' or 'lean', ....   

Natalie Amore

Inner coach

De manier waarop we alle omstandigheden gebruiken en zin kunnen geven, bepaalt in hoge mate ons gevoel van geluk en welzijn.


Straight-up, no-nonsense kind of guy who will go very far to get things done for his team, but also tends to challenge his team and demand their best.

#Tim De Meyer